Volunteer svcs coord

Company Name:
Greater Regional Medical Center
Greater Regional Medical Center is looking for a Volunteer Services Coordinator for the coordination of volunteer programs.
Major tasks, duties and responsibilities:
Responsible for recruitment, selection, and placement of volunteers
Responsible for coordination, development, and integration of volunteer programs.
Responsible for matching volunteer interest and abilities to coincide with assignments.
Coordinates educational programs for volunteers
Responsible for coordinating orientation, mandatory education and training of volunteers.
Responsible for planning volunteer recognition programs.
Acts as a liaison between Greater Regional Medical Center and volunteers,
Arranges for publicity of volunteer programs, events, recognition, etc.
Maintains volunteer files with current volunteer agreement; annual health screening and TB test; initial and ongoing orientation and education records; evaluation records; background check information, and other information pertinent to the volunteer?s service.
Maintains statistical records and reports for all specific volunteer programs.
Responsible for obtaining volunteer documentation as required for various volunteer programs as applicable.
Assists with fundraising activities for volunteer programs.
Represents the Medical Center in the community on matters pertaining to volunteer services.
Represents Volunteer Services on various Medical Center committees as assigned.
Minimum Skills, Education, and Experience Required:
High School diploma or equivalent
Bachelor?s degree in human services field preferred
Prior experience/training with volunteer services
Ability to verbalize in English language
Experience with health care environment preferred
Ability to manage time in order to complete volunteer requests

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