Residential Waste Driver

Company Name:
Koch Davis
At our company the Residential Waste Driver position is one of the most physically demanding ones. The Residential Waste Driver will take responsibility for the residential waste collection and hand loading, as well as the waste transportation by a rear-load or front-load truck directly to the landfill site. The Residential Waste Driver role requires everyday extensive near-continuous physical exertions such as pushing, repetitive lifting and pulling receptacles that usually weigh from 50 to 75 pounds. The candidate for the Residential Waste Driver position must remember that the physical effort level may vary from site to site and be lesser or greater in some cases. Besides, these waste receptacles have usually no handles or wheel for the maneuverability, which means the applicant for the Residential Waste Driver position must have physical strength in order to handle all the tasks.
The Residential Waste Driver position involves the following essential responsibilities and duties:
- The Residential Waste Driver, who has safe driving records, will be required to comply with all federal, local and state transportation regulations as well as company policy. Besides, the Residential Waste Driver is expected to professionally contact each of the company clients and dispatchers at any level of cooperation. This includes receiving various complaints about the quality of service and the work schedules. The Residential Waste Driver must also make note of and provide detailed report on any of possible complaints. Besides, the specialist will be demanded to respond to each complaint in a respectful and caring manner.
- We are searching for a skilled Residential Waste Driver, who will be able to deal with the work hours that can be up to the legal limits allowed and be ready to work on holidays and days off. In other words, the Residential Waste Driver position working hours will vary by route. The Residential Waste Driver must be able to understand and comprehend a map, handle all the driver logs together with a wide range of pre and post trip truck inspections. The Residential Waste Driver will require an individual to work in all weather conditions including extreme cold or hot, dry or wet conditions. Remember that there is usually no air conditioning in the truck cabs, but there may be a small fan in there.
The Residential Waste Driver position covers a wide range of professional requirements:
- The candidate for the Residential Waste Driver role must provide a Class A or B CDL with airbrakes endorsement valid for the state where youre willing to work.
- At least 21 years of age.
- Clear driving record.
- Legal eligibility to work in the USA.
- Professional ability to cope with the physical requirements of this job with or without reasonable accommodations.
- Ability to fluently speak English in order to communicate with the company clients, understand highway signals and traffic, as well as ability to perform legible entries on records and reports.
- Successfully accomplish background and physical check, pre-employment drug test, prior employment check, motor vehicle and criminal history record review
Bachelors Degree
Our company is the largest environmental solutions provider in North America. We are proud to serve more than 20 million clients in the United States of America and in Canada. Our experienced and dedicated experts are totally committed to generating brand new waste solutions that can help each of our customers and their businesses achieve their core green goals. With the most complex network of transfer stations, recycling facilities and landfills in the industry, our company can easily meet the customers needs. In 2012, our representatives worked with more than 100 Fortune 500 firms and successfully helped more than 150 multiple communities become greener.
To say more, our company is also a reputed renewable energy provider, generating more than twice the amount of renewable electricity than the whole countrys solar industry. One of the methods we achieve this by is through recovering the naturally occurring gas inside landfills in order to produce electricity. By the end of the year, our competent experts operated more than 138 beneficial-use landfill-gas projects, generating the amount of energy that was enough to power almost 500 000 homes.
Being the largest residential recycler in North America, our company expects to manage more than 20 million tons annually by 2020. A certain part of that will be reached through expanding on proven technology in order to provide our clients with the options that make the recycling easier. Besides, we will certainly invest in the future technologies, like converting organic waste from the materials stream in order to generate high end compost especially for local growers.

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